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Why the 48 Acts is laid out as it is

Written by Paddy Rafter

September 11, 2023

Why the 48 Acts is laid out as it is

When I created the48 Acts I intentionally put them into 3 different distinct groups, with “16 Acts” in each group.

The first group of sixteen are called the “ Sixteen Axioms”. Axioms are “self evident truths” and they are all about creating awareness around the fact that we have been living lives of unreality and mistruths.

The second group of sixteen are called the “Sixteen False Beliefs”. From an early age I had lived a life of fear, hopelessness, a constant sense of unease and dread, shame, hurt, guilt, anger….etc. My thinking patterns became very distorted and as a consequence I formulated in my mind all sorts of false beliefs (they were not false then), I believed them to be real. Examples include, perceiving that everybody was looking at me and judging me, I perceived that I was no good, I perceived that I was a bad person and nobody loved me. Through creating the 48 Acts I became aware that these were “false beliefs”. However, my inability to cope with all of this had subsequently led me down a pathway of unhelpful coping mechanisms and patterns of maladaptive behaviours which had led to great difficulties in my life, and in the lives of others close to me.

If you read the “Sixteen Axioms” and the “Sixteen False Beliefs” of The 48 Acts you will for the first time in reality come to the awareness that all is not well in your life. Just as I did.

My life had become unmanageable, but because I did not have awareness I was powerless to do anything about the things that had happened on my life’s journey up to now. However with the knowledge and awareness I gained from the first two sets of Acts, I finally realised that there was something I could do to change. At first I did not know how to change, but I became open to learning and making a commitment to myself to do the best that I could.

This in turn led me to creating the final set of sixteen acts: “The Sixteen Key Actions”.

These are actions that you can do to further improve and to help you to achieve true happiness and contentment.

Act one of “The Sixteen Key Actions” states:

“You have come to the realisation that all is not well in your life. Though this may be Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Controlling or Toxic Relationships, Fears named or unnamed, trauma and resentful dissatisfaction. You are so unhappy and your life is out of control”.

How many times in your journey of unwellness did you come to the realisation that your life was not ok and was spiralling out of control?

On my journey there were many times that I knew that everything was not ok, but the more difficulties I got into trying to change, the more unwell I became. One of the great difficulties I constantly experienced was that I always had this great sense of powerlessness, and although there were times that I would like to have changed, I really had no clue what it was I had to change in the first place or even how to go about changing it. I did not know what “It” was.

Oh I had a sense that all was not right, as people kept telling me, through criticism, judgement…etc, which really only increased my sense of shame and guilt.

Now for the first time through creating the “48 Acts” I now had a template which was based on truth and reality, which helped and guided me on my journey to wellness.

If you read and commit yourself to the “Sixteen Key Actions” of “The 48 Acts” you will come to the key actions that you can do to further improve and help you to achieve true happiness and contentment.

Actions do not always mean that we physically have to do something.

I would have spent my life reacting instead of acting. Actions do not always mean that we physically have to do something. Sometimes they are just realisations and dawnings. Learning to understand through intuition and gut knowing is the most effective realisation of all.

When we are really unwell we spend an awful lot of time living in our heads. Creating false narratives and false beliefs and believing them to be true. We overreact to everything and our mind becomes a jungle which eventually becomes our prison.

Do you find that a true reflection of how it was for you? I sure did.

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