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Written by Paddy Rafter

September 6, 2023

We Have a False Relationship with Happiness/Contentment.

Do you believe that you will be happy/content once you have achieved all that your heart desires?

Do you believe that happiness will come to you from the outside in?

Do you believe that if you sacrifice everything you have for others, that you will be happy/content?

If you are constantly saying yes to any of the above, well then, you are like I was, you have a false relationship with happiness/contentment.

Essentially everyone of us wants to be happy/content, to feel that we belong, and to have a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives.

Is that how it is for you?

I speak in “The 48 Acts” about my dysfunctional childhood and my total disconnection from the world and having no great sense of belonging anywhere. not even to myself. I believed that if I could change other people they might like me. I also believed if I accumulated possessions I would be happy/content. The problem was that the more I tried to change other people, and the more I sought possessions, the more unhappier/discontented I became. This only served to make my addiction to alcohol even worse, and the more I tried the more unhappier/discontented I became.

This is why I created “Act Eight” of “The Sixteen False Beliefs” of “The 48 Acts”. I unknowingly had created all of these false beliefs in my constant pursuit of happiness/contentment. I discovered that happiness/contentment is something that we are all born with. It cannot be found without. It is within us and the more we look outside of ourselves for it the further away from it we travel.

Are you the same? Are you like me? Constantly seeking the next thrill, the next piece of excitement, the next momentary pleasure and believing they will make you happy/content? They won’t.

Please read “Act One” and “Act Two” of “The Sixteen False Beliefs” of “The 48 Acts”. You will find them very helpful. I know that you will as they were very helpful to me while writing them, and allowed me to see happiness/contentment in a different way which was real and very achievable.

I was very invested in my journey of trying to achieve happiness/contentment. The more I sought happiness/contentment, the more irrational my thinking became and over time it became reckless. I was always full of anxiety, full of fear, but the truth I learned in writing “The 48 Acts” was that I was never going to be happy/content if I was waiting for somebody or something out there to make me happy.

I am sure as you are reading this you would like to know “well how can I be happy/content?”. The answer is in “Act Four” of “the Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” Go check it out you will be pleasantly surprised.

Do you seek out happiness/contentment in your relationships?

I did.

Do you constantly hope and even try to change others so that you can be happy/content?

I did.

Do you constantly make sacrifices for others in the belief that you will be happy/content?

I did.

These are all false beliefs that will not make you happy/content. They certainly did not make me happy/content.

In fact the more I believed these false beliefs, the more unhappier/discontent I became.

I want you to go and read the following Acts. They will be of great benefit to you. I know this to be true, as in writing them they started me on the journey to find the true happiness/contentment that lies within everyone of us.

“Act Seven” of “The Sixteen False Beliefs” of “The 48 Acts”.

“Act Nine” of “The Sixteen False Beliefs” of “The 48 Acts”.

“Act Ten” of “The Sixteen False Beliefs” of “The 48 Acts”.

Do you want to start that journey of seeking happiness/contentment that is real, because it is inside of you?

Start reading “The 48 Acts”. I know that they will help you, because they helped me.

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