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Understanding Depression/ Sadness/ Unhappiness as a Way of Survival.

Written by Paddy Rafter

September 6, 2023

Understanding Depression / Sadness / Unhappiness as a Way of Survival.

Do you feel miserable and bad about yourself most of the time and are increasingly preoccupied with negative ideas about your life and the world?

Do you feel you are not motivated about most of the things that you used to enjoy or were good at?

Do you find everything an effort?

Are you eating and sleeping poorly?

If the above resonate with you then it is likely you have a form of depression/sadness/unhappiness.

Depression/ Sadness/Unhappiness has been my constant uninvited companion for most of my life.

My depression/unhappiness/sadness started gradually. You slowly become aware that you are feeling miserable and unhappy most of the time. It is incremental. All of a sudden you arrive in a state of depression/sadness/unhappiness and you have no idea how you got there. In order to help me understand this “state” I created “Act Two” of “The Sixteen Key Actions” of “The 48 Acts”. I think this would help you to understand why our thinking becomes distorted when depression/sadness/unhappiness sets in. You will notice that in effect, what happens is that we begin to “zone out” from this constant state of “bad feelings” that we experience in our mind and in our bodies over a period of time, and in effect we “freeze” we “opt out” and the paradox now is that we can experience no feelings at all.

Depression is an inability to cope with the reality of the world as our perceptions are misconceived, deeply flawed and damaged.

Creating “Act One” of “The Sixteen Key Actions” of “The 48 Acts” was key to taking the first step in my recovery. Although I did not like taking the medication, I realised that in the short term it was important as it was helping to alleviate my symptoms. I would say to you that you should never stop taking any medications that you may be on for your depression/unhappiness/sadness without consulting with your primary care provider. Do not be ashamed of the medication. It can play a significant short term effect in reducing your symptoms and help you to engage in a programme of recovery.

This is why I created “The 48 Acts”. In all my trawling of the literature there was no coherent long term pathway to recover from any of these maladaptive behaviours that was based on reality.

How many times have you searched Google looking for answers and cures for your depression/unhappiness/sadness and ultimately becoming bewildered by the vast amount of information that was available? I know I spent considerable time doing this to no avail.

You have reached the starting point.

If you are reading this blog and any part of it resonates with you, you need to go straight away to “Act Ten” of “The Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” as this is your moment and you are ready to start your journey of recovery. I know this to be true, because if I could manage to come into recovery, anybody can.

At this point you have also arrived at “Act Twelve” and “Act Thirteen” of “The Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts”. Go check them out.

You will begin to see as you advance through the Acts, that depression/unhappiness/sadness is a response to our programming and, indeed, to our drugs of approval and appreciation. At this point “Act Five” of “The Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” will give you even a greater understanding of the causes of your depression/unhappiness/sadness.

One thing I would implore you to understand at this time is that your depression/unhappiness/sadness is not your fault. We can often believe that it is and that for some reason we were born this way, or it is a flaw in our character. It is not your fault.

“Act Fourteen” of “The Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” will give you a much better insight into why you have arrived where you are, and start to give you the confidence to begin to move forward towards a different way of living.

Ask yourself this question. Are you tired of living in the darkness?

We who have lived in the darkness for so long, recognise a light, even a chink of light when we see it. This is what “The 48 Acts” are, the reality of that chink of light.

This is true and when you read them you will know it is the truth, because truth is inescapable.

You will see the world in a new way, an unprogrammed way, free from your depression/unhappiness/sadness, programming and preoccupations. You will be free.

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