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The 50 Different  Mal-Adaptive Responses        and Cross Behavioral Indicators.


These are the feelings and behaviors shared by all problems. Though only some will be identifiable by you and some are more universal, you will see a network of interconnectedness common to all ‘Troubled Persons’. Some are more specific to one area alone but by understanding the interconnectedness of all things, you will be empowered to find solutions applicable to you.

  1. Loneliness
  2. Sadness
  3. Agitation
  4. Lethargic
  5. Guilt
  6. Worthlessness
  7. Suicidal ideation
  8. Anger
  9. Alienation
  10. Anxious
  11. Confused
  12. Depressed
  13. Disgusted
  14. Self doubt
  15. Grief
  16. Humiliated
  17. Despair
  18. Lost
  19. Lifeless
  20. Preoccupied
  21. Powerless
  22. Coerced
  23. Resentful
  24. Rejected
  25. Suspicious
  26. Threatened
  27. Terrified
  28. Self hate
  29. Unhappy
  30. Victimized
  31. Wronged and feeling you are being treated with contempt or feel self contempt.
  32. Negativity, amotivation and feeling negated leading to more complex feelings:
  33. Conflict and conflict situations….Fighting and arguments. Antagonistic or constantly involved in antagonistic situations.
  34. Ruminating…constantly thinking and regretting
  35. /involved in Toxic or manipulative situations and relationships that seem unending. Feeling anhedonia as if all the joy in life and the things you loved doing are pointless, joyless. Anergia or feeling no energy for lifeless
  36. Involved in situations that constantly leave you feeling vulnerable, victimized and experiencing vindictiveness, malevolence and outright violence or perpetrating the same.
  37. Reacting instead of responding to people or situations
  38. Feeling totally out of control and helpless in most everyday situations and unable to cope.
  39. Feeling stressed, lashing out, entitled or other more extreme reactions to situations or people and general chaotic behaviours.
  40. Drinking or drugging too much as a way to cope and getting further out of control, leading to an unmanageability with life in general. This can also be addictive behaviors such as gambling and pornography, eating and dieting and any behaviour that is causing you distress or those around you.
  41. Feeling life has passed you by, that you have no hope of it ever being better and a nihilistic undercurrent in your life leaving you feeling directionless
  42. Due to substance abuse or maladaptive practices or involvement in some form of coercive control relationship feeling all your dreams are over or that your potential has been lost hopelessly for ever. The feeling of the
  43. In hospital, or prison or mental institution due to your behaviours and still feeling you can control everything if you just got one more chance
  44. Feeling you have no voice, that you are invalid, a non person. That you have been invalidated through your own actions or the actions of another.
  45. Feeling you have hit rock bottom
  46. Feeling unwanted and a failure and unable to stop whatever it is you are doing .
  47. Feeling minimised, gaslighted,diminished, walking on eggshells, deflected, dehumanised, confused and confounded, and apathetically existing feeling utterly worthless.
  48. Sense of self devaluation.
  49. Feeling you have destroyed everyone in your family and your friends and you are untouchable. There is no point in continuing.
  50. Suicidal Ideation or suicide attempts
Paddy Rafter

Paddy Rafter

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