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The 48 Acts

The 48 Acts is a programme for living. The 48 Acts is a way to cope successfully with every problem we encounter in an increasingly complex and difficult world. The 48 Acts is written specifically to help deal with all the challenges and difficulties we encounter in the modern world.

If you follow the programme of the 48 Acts your life will be transformed.

The 48 acts

The 48 Acts were written by Paddy Rafter. Paddy has a deep personal understanding of what it is like to live a life afflicted by trauma, addiction and pain. His own experiences have taken him to dark places, feeling alone, hopeless and misunderstood. As he fought to escape from his own forms of hell and addictions Paddy discovered a new way of life, which allowed him to discover true peace and happiness. The 48 Acts is the result of fifty years of study and pain, knowledge and powerlessness, despair and new hope. The 48 Acts are laid out in successive progressions, that are easily understood and easily undertaken. They deal with each and every problem you will ever encounter. They are the answer when everything else fails.

The 48 Acts is the most successful way you will ever find, to deal with all your difficulties, despairs and disasters and emerge with new hope, comfort and vigour. You will finally be able to live at peace. Why is the 48 Acts the most successful programme for living ever? Because the 48 Acts are based on reality.

There are no lies, deceits or false promises in the 48 Acts. The 48 Acts offers no false hopes or snake oil salesman’s pitch. The 48 Acts works because they work.

How the 48 Acts Can Help You.



You are full of anxiety. You are constantly feeling edgy, uneasy and full of apprehension. This is affecting your mental health and you are feeling constantly unsettled. It is affecting your enjoyment of life, your work, your relationships. In reality it permeates every single facet of your life. You cannot seem to get out. The more you worry about it the worse it gets. You can readily identify with this and you
know its true, this is the reality of your life.

The 48 Acts will help you steer out of this anxiety ridden life. Over time you will know that anxiety is no longer the reality of your life. The 48 Acts gives you a clear pathway forward to a new life cantered in reality. You can be the person you want to be.


You are constantly feeling negative, detached and despondent. You feel apathetic about your life and everything in it. Medications and every type of therapy known to science is still not lifting your mood. It is a bad place to be.

Working the program of the 48 Acts consistently, over a period of time will lift you from this dreadful depression. The weight on your head and the apathetic indifference will gradually leave you and you will be able to embrace a new way of lliving in reality. This really does work. Take the first step, only you can do this.


When you realize that some substance or pattern of behaviour has an unmerciful power over you, your life ceases to be your own. You become a slave and you feel your life is over, and you start to lose everything.

You know this story intimately because you are this story.

The 48 Acts will help you free yourself from this overwhelming addiction and powerlessness like nothing else. It will show you how to live your life in a new way.

The 48 Acts will show you how to become a free person, and stay free.

The 48 Acts is the best program of therapy there is, period.

Coercive Control

The contempt and invalidation that you feel because of the actions of somebody else in your life is overwhelming. Their controlling nature and actions make you feel totally vulnerable and helpless. You start to believe their lies about you. You know there is no way out. The person doing this may be your spouse, partner, child, work boss or colleague, fellow student or anybody directly associated with your life. The gnawing
pain in your stomach will not go away and neither will the fear.

If this is you, then, the 48 Acts will show you a new way to live. The 48 Acts will show you how to regain control over your own life and give you the confidence to do so. The 48 Acts really work for this like nothing else.


You are beset with fear, anxiety and unease. On social and mainstream media, you are barraged with a constant stream of terrible events. You can’t stop watching social media. At the same time, you are in constant fear of the wars and climate change to
come and you feel utterly powerless and overwhelmed.

The 48 Acts will show you a new pathway for a life free from all these fears. The 48 Acts will allow you to live with peace of mind and happiness.

How will the 48 Acts do this? By learning to live in reality, learning to live free from fear, influence and manipulation, and being readily able to accept any reality that confronts you with equanimity.

The 48 Acts work to heal us in all our troubles and show us a new pathway to self-peace. The 48 Acts work because they work.