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Written by Paddy Rafter

September 6, 2023

I am Paddy Rafter and I Created “The 48 Acts”

I am Paddy Rafter and I created “The 48 Acts”. It is my deepest hope that these “48 Acts” will help you to lead your life in a better, deeper and more meaningful way.

If you follow “The 48 Acts”, then you will be able to conquer your addictions, your unhappiness, your depressions and find a new way to live well.

I am sharing some things I have discovered and have to come to understand after fifty years of searching, suffering and studying.

When we live a life of addiction, depression, anxiety and maladaptive behaviours, we do not have the information, understanding or the awareness to:

Recognize how we have arrived in these very troubled relationships with both ourselves and the world around us, or, even when we do become somewhat aware, how it can be very difficult to find our way out of these
difficult situations.

These “48 Acts” form the patterns and the ways that I arrived into wellness, through;

Accumulating information and knowledge about both myself and the world at large.

Learning to understand this knowledge and subsequently by understanding, I became aware. Over time, by becoming aware, I found my way to wellness.

Sadly the world today is very unaware, and as a result very unwell.
Because we have such a lack of awareness, we attribute and we blame things without knowing facts, and we do not understand what the problems are. If we do not understand what the problems are, how can we find a solution?

When we do not have awareness of self, we become disconnected and ultimately unhappy. We end up (just like me) living a life, as Aristotle said “unexamined, unaware and meaningless.” I discovered while writing these “48 Acts” that the reality of our species “Homo Sapiens” (humans) is that we are full of energy, full of power, full of requited capabilities, full of potential. Sadly however we do not appear to be able to realise all of this.

Why do we not appear to be able to realise all of this?

Why do we seem to be so unhappy?

Why is it that we do not appear to be able to live in peace and harmony both within ourselves, and within the world we inhabit?

The world is a very difficult place in which to live and have our being. It is rife with addiction, depression, unhappiness, war and conflict. Suicide is increasing just as is hopelessness and helplessness. Increasingly battered and bewildered by all pervasive social media messaging, clearcut breakdown of family and small society units, disenfranchisement with government and the increasingly virulent spread of corporate consumer capitalism has led us to our worst disease of all. This is the disease of nihilism. The disease of despondency, despair and hopelessness. This is the disease of societal suicide. The only way to counteract this is to become aware of it through information, leading to understanding, leading to awareness.

It is more than readily apparent of the need for us all to become aware and see the need for change about the way that we do things. In order to change something we have to know what it is we are trying to change in
the first place. In order to achieve that it requires a different understanding and a broader view of self and the world.

Change is difficult as it means having to come into reality. Reality is a very painful place to be in the short term. I know this because I have spent a great deal of my life living in unreality in the hell of addiction, depression, anxiety and coercive control, and using denial and pretence as my default position.

Having come through a protracted period of pain and suffering, I realised that meaning and truth could be found and that it was the absence of these that was causing the malaise in the first place. Reality in the early stage was for me a difficult place to be, but I also learned that if I did not become aware and face up to my own reality I was going to die.

When I began to face my reality and find love and compassion for myself, I was able to find love and compassion in and for others in a real and truthful way. Only then was I able to create a space that allowed me to go back and create awareness and reconciliation around my life story.
It was by doing and acting consistently over time that I truly learned that reality was the only way to experience the world in a true and meaningful way, both for myself and subsequently for society.

How do you find your way to reality?

That is what “The 48 Acts” is , it is a new way of living in the world in reality, and ultimately a life of peace and contentment.

Do you want to find a way to live in peace and contentment?

I know you do and I know you can, because I did.

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