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pain in stomach from anxiety

Written by Paddy Rafter

September 6, 2023

How to cope with the pain in your stomach that you feel from anxiety.

It is normal to feel nervous. It is normal to feel anxious. It is not normal to feel anxious and nervous all of the time. It’s the feeling that’s always there,apprehensive,fretful. Troubled and disturbed
Constant anxiety. Constant anxiousness, constant pain in your stomach is not normal.

You know the feeling..constant worry and sometimes we don’t even know what we are worried about.

It has become normal and normative in our society.

We are all stressed and anxious.Everybody really is stressed, all the time Everybody is worried. Everybody is constantly suffering from this.

Constant anxiety is anti human. Anxiety is ever only meant to be short term.

Do not get anxious about being anxious, that will only make you more anxious. Therefore we can see our first maxim; Becoming anxious about being anxious causes us to be even more anxious.
Or we can say that being Troubled by being Troubled causes us to be even more troubled. Substitute apprehensive or fretful or any other word you like and the result is the same.

So, how do you deal with this one subject, this one topic, this constant physical pain in your stomach, this constant physical dread. It is a physical tangible result of anxiety. Plain and simple.

There is something that you can do about your anxiety.

Act One of the “ Sixteen Key Actions” of “The 48 Acts” tells us that anxiety is merely a signal from our body that we need to take action, that we need to do something.

I suffered with anxiety and troubled fretfulness all my life and it played havoc with my personal and working life, as well as distorting my own view of myself and the world around me. I got to the point where I could not cope with the world and I constantly found ways of zoning out.

Because I had no knowledge or understanding of anxiety and the impact it was having on my life, I tended to blame others for how I was feeling. The effect this had was that it made me feel even worse about myself. It was only when I began to get information on anxiety that I began to realise that my anxiety was creating my suffering, and that my suffering and my anxiety were caused by my programming.

Act Five of the “ Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” tells us that we have to learn how to unlock our programming. This is how I got well. It seems complicated and very deep when you say it like this, but it is not like that. That is why these Acts are so effective. They keep it simple, but they also keep it real. I was always afraid of reality. This is because reality in the short term was painful, and I learned to zone out, which was only increasing my anxiety exponentially.

I always thought that I was the problem and that I was this bad person who deserved to feel this bad. Act Nine of the “Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” taught me the real truth. It taught me that I could be well. It taught me that I was not the problem. It taught me that the problem was “in me” like a virus in my software. It was almost as if my bad thinking that had been brought on by my anxiety or constant worry had caused a malfunction in my software. But the good news I learned in this Act was that I knew for the first time there was something I could do. It was the first time I felt that I was not on my own. I now knew that it was me who had to change.

Change, in the early stages, for somebody (like me) who was so impacted by anxiety was very frightening, but this is where Act Twelve of the “ Sixteen Axioms” of “The 48 Acts” was of such help and support to me.

I felt so inspired because for the first time I felt I was not on my own. It compelled me to seek out more information and knowledge about myself. The Act encouraged me to face my fears, purely by understanding these things in a new way, in a different way.

When I began to understand these Acts and to apply them in my own life, the constant pain in my stomach magically disappeared.

It was so empowering to know that the constant seeking of information and knowledge about myself was having the effect of helping the pain to dissipate. Act’s Four and Five of the “Sixteen Key Actions” of “The 48 Acts” were key to helping me with this.

I got to a place of wellness by learning to be honest with myself and constantly asking myself; Do I want to change?

Do you want to change?

I know that you can change and become well, because I did.

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