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Creating a Different Understanding Around Fear, Anxiety, Programming etc.

Written by Paddy Rafter

September 6, 2023

Creating a Different Understanding Around Fear, Anxiety, Programming etc.

“Act 4” and “Act 5” of “The Sixteen Key Actions” of “The 48 Acts” challenges you to, “Resolve to empower yourself through self-knowledge” and, “Seek this knowledge no matter what the cost”.

You most definitely do not need to go to the lengths that I have gone to, to acquire the knowledge and understanding that allowed me to create “The 48 Acts”. However, to help you on your way, a changed understanding of the following topics were to prove very beneficial to me in helping to give me a simpler understanding of what can be a very dense and deep science.

All we are is Energy.

We know from science, physics, and quantum mechanics in particular that everything that exists in a tangible way is just energy in one form or another. The physical world, the ecosystem we live in, and indeed all the things around us including our very bodies are made up of pure energy. That is all we are, a collection of atoms.

Where do we get our energy from?

Quite simply from the oxygen you breathe in and from the food you eat. The moment you were born and you took your first breath, through a process called cellular respiration the oxygen becomes energy. In the same way when you eat, the food becomes energy.

Very simply we are just energy. If that energy is in balance you will be well, if that energy goes out of balance, you can become very unwell. We are just energy, and we can have negative energy and positive energy and we need both.

What makes our energy go out of balance?

There can be many factors including our diet and our breathing, but in my journey of creating “The 48 Acts” I discovered that beyond any doubt the biggest influencer on my energy was my thinking and it would be the same for you.

What does this mean? How does my thinking affect my energy balance?

Did you ever get a fright? I am sure you did, many times. We all did.

Let us look at a few examples of getting a fright and what happens.Were you ever driving your car and all of a sudden somebody pulled out in front of you or suddenly stopped in front of you?

What happens immediately? You put your foot to the brake and hope that you stop in time before any impact. What is happening in your body at that exact moment?

Your heart is thumping isn’t it? In fact it is nearly jumping out of your chest.

So, what has just happened?

Each one of us has a sensor sitting right in the middle of the old part of our brain. Its job is to monitor the environment around us all of the time using your five senses for danger. So, on this particular day as you were driving along, a nano second before you were even aware something was wrong, your little sensor, through the sense of sight picked up the car in the environment, realised there was danger, immediately sent a message to your cells all over the body, extra energies (blood, hormones, chemicals) are created, pumped, distributed and relocated all over the body to help you to react and survive the danger.

All of these energies being distributed all over the body can feel very uncomfortable.

That is ok in that moment, it is supposed to feel uncomfortable as it is designed to get you to react for survival. That uncomfortable/uneasy feeling you feel in your head and your body at that moment, that is anxiety. You will experience a horrible sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, as blood is relocated from your digestive system to your musculoskeletal to help deal with the danger. Your chest will feel like it is caving in. Your head will feel all fuzzy and tight as blood is diverted to the survival part of your brain at the back of your head. This all happens in a nanosecond.

This is what is known as the Fear Response.

Here are two other very common examples I can give you from my own experience, which can often happen on a daily basis.

Were you ever in a store, or in a restaurant or maybe getting gasoline on the gas forecourt, and when you go to pay at the register, you suddenly realise you have no wallet or purse?

Did you ever have this experience as I have had while on a trip to the seaside with the children when they were small? You are walking along a really busy beach bringing your young child to the bathroom. Suddenly somebody bumps into you and you turn to see who it was. Inadvertently without even realising it, for just a moment your child’s hand breaks free from yours. When you turn around to look for your child in that split second you cannot see where your child is.

In both instances mentioned above the first thought is “something is wrong” either you have lost your wallet/purse or it has been stolen and now all the attention is on you as you have bought something and now you cannot pay for it. In the second instance for that split second “oh my God , my child is gone missing” is the first thought.Your heart is beating faster. Extra energies (oxygen, blood, hormones) are created and are distributed all over the body to help us deal with the immediate perception of danger in our environment.

This is what is known as the fear response in the human organism. It is instinctive to everyone of us, it is a part of nature, and has been a part of us since time began. This fear response is the reason we have survived and evolved over millions of years. It helps us to deal with the perceived danger in the moment (like helping our ancestors escape from the tiger). It helps us to focus and react to the danger. (Look for the child, focus on finding the wallet) . Most of the time the danger passes, the problem gets sorted, and all our energies revert back to balance, and primarily it works off your thinking.

We can see then that because of our programming and our evolution over millions and millions of years, we are triggered to respond to the threat of danger immediately, at a given instant from when we were primates and even long before. However the stress went away quickly as you either fought the tiger, or you ran away from the tiger and avoided them in future.

Unfortunately for us our brain is unable to distinguish the difference between reality and the perception of reality, just as we have seen. Therefore if we are constantly worrying all of the time, and the messaging that we are receiving twenty four hours a day, seven days a week is fear and fear based, we are obviously going to respond in an anxious way, because anxiety is just a natural response or behaviour that has become maladaptive. Fear has taken over.

If I am constantly going around worrying all day thinking that everything is not going to be ok (which I constantly did) , then my energy will be out of balance all of the time and this is what causes sickness of mind and body.

However, we are not programmed to live in an environment of fear and anxiety all day every day. Unfortunately this is the world we now inhabit and we as a species are really struggling to cope and survive.

How did we learn to cope with this fear?

As we have just written about, the instinct of fear, “everything is not going to be ok”, created an “emotion” and remember e-motion is just the feeling of energy moving in the body (energy moves) to help us react and deal with the perception of an incoming threat of danger. Instantly we created a “survival response”.

Charles Darwin maintained that we subconsciously created one of three avoidance behaviours to escape from the danger. His thinking was that once the perceived moment of danger arrived, you resorted to one of three automatic responses:

One was “fight” and you stood and fought the danger, and in order for this to happen, you needed to be pumped up and energies (blood, hormones, chemicals, oxygen) had to be redirected to different areas of the body and brain to maximise your chances of winning the fight and survive.

The second was “flight”, and you ran from the perceived danger, and also, in order for this to happen you needed to be pumped up and energies (blood, hormones, chemicals, oxygen) had to be redirected to different areas of the body and the brain to maximise your chances of avoiding and getting away from the danger, to survive.

The third was “freeze”, you froze on the spot, held your breath and tried to blend into the environment and hoped that you would not be seen.

These three avoidance behaviours have adapted and evolved to shape almost every aspect of human behaviour, some for the good and some not so good.

Because we now live in such a fearful and conflictual environment all of the time we are not able to adapt to the fast paced internal and external environment. This has resulted in our survival behaviours becoming out of sync with the environment and are more increasingly becoming maladaptive.

What does this mean?

Let us look at our three natural survival responses as defined by Charles Darwin.


You were pumped up with energies in a nanosecond. You stood and fought the tiger. You either lived or you died, it was normative, it was all over in a short space of time. You learned from the experience and it was this learning that we brought forward and it allowed us to survive and evolve.Now in our fear driven world many people are getting stuck in the “fight survival response” . We end up angry all of the time. We blame, our thinking becomes binary. Everybody else is wrong, I am right. We are reactive most of the time. Our thinking becomes distorted. We want to control everything. We perceive danger everywhere (and most of the time there is no danger). Our behaviours become maladaptive as we struggle to survive our internal chaos, as energies are constantly relocated all over the body for survival. This is where addictions can flourish as we look to “get out of our mind”.



Nothing happened, you just took a deep breath and hoped that you would not be seen or noticed. You remained in that state until the threat or the danger had receded.. You learned from the experience and it was this learning that we brought forward and it allowed us to survive and evolve.Now in our present fear driven world, many people are getting stuck in the fear response as a way of survival. This is how we need to understand depression in the modern world.. It is the human organism stuck in the freeze mode as a way of survival. If we are in the freeze mode all of the time we will not have the ability to do anything. This is becoming much more prevalent and obvious.

There are times in our daily lives that we need the fear response to help us act and stand up for ourselves, to be assertive to get our needs met.There are times when we need the flight response, just to walk away in the short term, to take stock, to think and then respond to the situation appropriately..There are times we need the freeze response, just to take a breath and just listen and observe, and then respond appropriately ‘

If these three survival responses are in balance all will be well. If they go out of balance and you get stuck in one of them over an extended period of time, there will be problems.

Do you want to learn to live a life free from ever present fears and anxieties?

Commit yourself to following “The 48 Acts” and discover how I overcame these awful afflictions.

Do not take my word for it, read and examine.

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