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Who is

Paddy Rafter?

Paddy Rafter is a musician, singer, former college lecturer and racehorse trainer, husband, and father. Paddy has lived a life of addiction and trauma from an early age, and this has led him to many dark places. In the very depths of profound suffering, he fought to find a way out of the hell in which he constantly lived. He discovered a new way to live and to experience the world in peace and happiness.

Using this knowledge and experience that he has garnered over a lifetime he desires to share this with all, so that nobody else should suffer alone, in pain and silence, but use this new way to freedom and joy.

What people are saying:

“Understanding myself and where I came from, proved the crucial difference for me in getting well”

“It is the only program that potentially heals both the individual and society at large”

“This book saved my life”

The 48 Acts

The 48 Acts is a programme for living. The 48 Acts is a way to cope successfully with every problem we encounter in an increasingly complex and difficult world. The 48 Acts is written specifically to help deal with all the challenges and difficulties we encounter in the modern world.

If you follow the programme of the 48 Acts your life will be transformed.

48 acts

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